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Cult of Kenzo

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Cult of Kenzo - Photo By Nikolas Louka

Photo by Nikolas Louka

Paula fell in love with high fashion imagery at an early age; she grew up in a house where her mum had subscriptions to multiple fashion magazines. High fashion is an art-form built on exclusivity. People who love high art, (but can’t afford to buy it) can view it in a gallery. People who love high fashion, (but can’t afford to buy it), may feel uncomfortable even walking into a high fashion store.

While social inequality is rising, the luxury industry thrives. We sense the difference between high street and high end, but just how great is that divide? What is it about high end boutiques that so many find intimidating? Just how steep are the prices? Who are the people shopping in these stores and how do they shop? What is the psychology behind the desire to buy and own labels and how do brands manufacture that desire? Where are the spaces we feel uncomfortable in and why?

A multi-media performance about a frustrated relationship with high fashion, and how it relates to entitlement, exclusion and territory.


cult of k*nzo trailer from paula varjack on Vimeo .